Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Basic Leader Course - Field Skills #2

This course provides advanced orientation in leadership, field training, marksmanship, self-defense, team-building activities, patrolling, along with camouflage and concealment. Field training exercises provide opportunities for Cadets to demonstrate their knowledge and acquire new skills.

Cadets implement troop leading procedures to organize and execute operations, accounting for the weather, methods of travel, meals, communication, time, and all other resources required to achieve success. Team members operate with minimal supervision to complete assigned tasks. Every Cadet will have an opportunity to lead their peers.

Land Navigation is used to safely and effectively traverse unfamiliar terrain by calculating coordinates on a map. In the classroom, Cadets learned how to read and negotiate military maps, how to calculate distance, and how to use a compass to determine direction of travel.

Patrols are missions to gather information, provide security, or to conduct other operations. The terms "element" and "team" refer to the squads, fire teams, or buddy teams that perform the tasks as described.

Camouflage is applied to conceal an individual and their equipment form observation. This includes awareness to movement, outlines and silhouettes, smells, and noise discipline. The objective is to blend naturally with the surrounding environment.

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