Thursday, July 16, 2009

Delay in Posting

We apologize for the delaying in posting photos. OC Loyd had to, unexpectedly, return to his home last weekend, and I am in San Antonio, TX on a civilian assignment through Saturday morning. With the graduation of BCT-1, resulting in several cadre members detaching, and with the arrival of nearly 100 JROTC personnel, the remaining staff is at capacity. We have plenty of officers and NCOs for the operational side of training; however, there is not enough staffing for the "niceties" such as this blog. Upon return on Saturday, I will post photos which have been collected and give everyone an update.

This is an example of the importance of recruiting additional adults into our program, expecially with summer training expanding to eight weeks. If you have a desire to step up and get involved, either in uniform or as a civilian, please contact me at . I'd be glad to explain our program in detail and how you might fit in.

The Cadets are doing great. Some are tired, but they are all looking forward to the Field Training Exercise this weekend. More when I get back to Kentucky.

COL Land

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  1. Col Land, can you tell us how to find and contact units in our area? We are in NC.

    thank you