Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Basic Leader Course - Parent's Night

We are finalizing plans for graduation, which will be held this Saturday at 1000. Here are a couple of things to know:

a. Parents are allowed to visit during Canteen time on Friday evening, between 1930-2200 (7:30-10pm). We will have the ACES open, the grill will be available, and you can spend some time with your Cadet prior to graduation on Saturday. To ensure the security of our Cadets, DO NOT COME EARLIER THAN 1930, you will be asked to leave.

b. Please wear comfortable clothing; however, no open-toed shoes, cut-offs, plain T-shirts, etc. "Business Casual" is most appropriate.

c. You MUST park off-post, on the street or across the street at the Civic Center. We will have another large group reporting on Saturday, so it will be a very busy day. Please be patient.

d. Please go to www.goarmycadets.com for details on the check-out priority. We must ensure 100% accountability, so please be patient.

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